Looking for a PG centri


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indianapolis, in
Hey guys, Im looking into possibly buying a ride on this year as I have said yes to some bigger accounts. Unfortunately I bought a $3500 snow plow in the fall thinking I would be able to pay it off within the season, and well I havent used it 1 time. I bring that up because my budget is lower than it prolly should be for a PG but I thought I would start looking. Centri seems to be about the only ride on I can afford at the moment so let me know what you got. Thanks.


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Bluffton, IN
What kind of budget do you have..... I have a permagreen magnum with a carrier I'm trying to get rid of. Let me know how much you are looking to spend. Thanks


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I have a nice one for its age. Some new parts and works well. Give me a call if you're interested. We're on the south side. 317-512-0334 Michael


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I have a PG ultra with 350hrs with a few up grades works perfect bought a z-spray and just dont use it much $1,600

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Rochester, MN
Centri's are great little machines. If you can't get one of those go Mag. Ultra's are trouble from what I gather.