Looking for a price on Sod for delivery and Delivery with install

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by TNJustice, Mar 13, 2012.

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    I actually think the soil and organic matter NOT REMOVED is a Plus to the new sod. I pick up many of these accounts I kill out and they seem to do very well.

    Bermuda is hard to kill and does come back up. U of F recommends 4 application two weeks a part of Glyphosate and Fusilade. That is two months and way too long for for commercial work. Also remember Fusilade un-like Roundup has a pre emerge effect and waiting period before sod can be laid.

    Bahia is also Hard to kill, but once sod is laid Bahia doesn't come back up like Bermuda will.

  2. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend someone that has weeds or Bahia/weeds a layover. If there is currently a decent percentage of SA, I wouldn't recommend. FYI-that customer that had the layover, the price was double for the RandR. I'm talking a $2-K difference. That is a lot of money.
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    The last time somebody paid this low a price they ended up with a brown yard full of "Crabatam".:usflag:
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    :laugh: The price is not out of line on a 10 pallet plus installation, it doesn't include prep so it's a throw and go.

    Odums is a big company They don't f around with the contracters too much. AAA is smaller but he's a honorable guy.

    Next time you get a big sod job, check out one of the majors and you may be suprised. It beats putting that much down yourself.
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    I have two issues with layovers. First is I like it flush with the driveway and sidewalk. Second is I frequently need that top layer of OM loosened so I can fill low spots and properly level it out. I wont do a slap, crap job with poor quality sod. Most of my new work comes from being close to my old work.:usflag:
  6. Like Ric said, if it is uneven, no go. But in the case I had, the lawn was level, it was just a mess. The job came out excellent and 3.5 years later, it still looks awesome. It also saved the customer $2-K.
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    Not sure where you guys buy from, but I'm paying $150ish for the sod alone! And... $125 per pallet IS out of line, regardless of the number of pallets.
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    Diamond- Isn't the point of running a business to make money.. say $2k to rip the yard? what kind of profit can you really make on a lay over?
  9. Read my other posts. I didn't do the work, the sod company did. It was 2-K to just throw the sod down. 4-K for R&R. I was there during the install. It took them about 2.5 hours or so to do all 20 pallets.
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    Green Point

    The Price of St A Sod in the Field is $ 0.15 a Sq Ft or $ 60.00 a 400 sq ft Pallet. What you are paying for is the Transportation. Back when I was half owner of a Sod Company we charged $ 150 per delivered pallet compared to our competitor's $ 125. We however had a Donkey Piggy Back Fork lift and spotted the Pallets in for easy throwing. Our Competitors just dropped the pallets on the street.

    There is money in Sod Replacement in a Good economy. As a Pest Control Guy I network with a very old and established Sod Company. In fact I just got off the phone with them. They hurt bad in the 2008 crash but are picking up business daily right now. Interest rates are down and credit is getting loser because this is an election year. My suggest is to make now because after the election look for it to slow down again.


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