Looking for a sprinkler system.

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by The mayor, Jun 20, 2005.

  1. The mayor

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    My wife is looking to have a sprinkler system installed. She thinks I should install, I think not. What do I look for in a contractor for the work. What type of features if there are any do i want. Any suggestions. By the way I have just over half acre. Is there a ballpark figure on I can expect to pay , so I prepare for the sticker shock. Also will I be able to use my core aerator and dethacher.
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    If the system is properly installed, an aerator is fine to use, but you will want to mark where all the heads are first and avoid running on them.

    Anyways, if you already have a nice lawn established, find a company that uses a vibratory plow instead of a trencher, the end result will be far less lawn damage.

    Also find a company that sticks to name brand supplies. If they mention Orbit, go to the next company.

    Finally ask around, ask your nieghbors who they used, and if they are happy. Call landscapers who don't do irrigation and see who they usually sub it out too.

    We don't do much advertising at all (just the yellow pages), but our reputation for quality parts, professional installs, and good service keeps us busy...I'm sure theres a company like that in your area.

    Its hard to estimate a yard without seeing it, but be prepared to pay $3-$5k or so for the install for a 1/2 acre.
  3. The mayor

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    As a lco with all the lawn maintence I do there is not one person who has a irrigation system. Seem like around here I would be a first or close to it. Thanks for some what of a general price I had no clue as to what one might charge. I will start shopping around this week.
    Thanks Duane

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