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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MJStrain, Aug 7, 2002.

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    Okay...., I've got a customer that for whatever reason won't or can't spring for an irrigation system. Right now I've got several hundred feet of hose and 7 sprinklers doing her lawn. It takes four "zones" and about four hours a day to keep her lawn from turning brown and going dormant. This is a crazy pace of watering though and I need some suggestions on a portable irrigation system for her lawn. Her yard runs about 90' by 200' . :dizzy:



    One last thought...This lady is semi-disabled and going out and moving her own sprinklers would not be a terrific idea...:blob4:
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    i'm not sure how hot of an idea this is, but if you've got several hundred feet of hose, how about using those tracotr sprinklers that slowly inch across the yard? then you'd just have to have then set up at one side of the yard, and they'd move themselves.
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    Hey, Michael. Why don't you look at what I call the poor mans irrigation system (http://www.lrnelson.com/PDFs/SNRinfo.pdf). This is the Nelson Snap-N-Rain pop up sprinkler. I have them installed at my home and run 2 in a series (on one hose). They are on timers and by the time I get up in the morning the yard has been watered for ever how long I want it watered and the expense runs anywhere from $200 up, depending on how much hardward you need. The sprinklers themselves cost about thirty bucks. The timers cost more that that. Might be a side job for your business, installing the poor mans irrigation system for customers that don't want to spend five grand and up. :D

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