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Discussion in 'Power Washing' started by DMPServices, Mar 10, 2009.

  1. DMPServices

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    I have seen some of the videos on web sites and they use surface cleaners on drive ways where can I find one and what brands are good to buy?:hammerhead:

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    We like the whisper wash brands. Quiet and reliable. Good swivel and machine balanced bar. Don't go over 4" for every gallon per minute of your machine. Example if you have a 4gpm, than a 16 inch really is all you should go to get maximum performance.

    Here is where I get mine at. ... http://www.pressuretek.com

    Great customer service and advice. Never tries to sell you something that you don't need.
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    have you ever used or heard of someone using these cleaners on wood decks? Do they work? I seen a video of a small one on a wand being used to clean siding on a house....what do you think of that?
  4. CCPC

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    I think it's stupid, and unnecessary. Cleaning exteriors correctly is simply a matter of using the right chemical mix, applying the chemical mix, letting it dwell for a few minutes, and then rinsing it off with low pressure. This is how professionals clean exteriors.

    I think your having a hard time grasping the concept of how the chemicals do the work, and using brute force isn't necessary at all. As a matter of fact, you don't even need a pressure washer to do it, you could clean roofs, and home exteriors with the right chemicals, applied with the right pump system, and rinse with a garden hose if you so choose. Although, using a pressure washer, and down streaming your house wash mix, and rinsing with the pressure washer with a large orifice tip is the standard method for cleaning exteriors.
  5. stvsloan

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    well....I think where the issue are...is that I'm being told certain things on here, but as I look around, I see/read other things being done...items being sold...etc...and by "reputable " companies...suggesting it's ok to to do things other ways. So it's kinda a case of listening and looking enough to get an impression and opinion of my own that I feel is the right way to do something. Do I believe you, that those companies selling surface cleaners for roof cleaning...and the companies using them....are wrong? Or do I beleive them that you are wrong? Abit of a delema for someone new to this. But for the record...I beleive your right. So it's more of an issue figuring out a softwash system I can use for roofs. Can this system be used for siding, driveways etc. Do I need a pressure system at all? etc...etc...etc Hence the steady stream of questions........
  6. CCPC

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    If you visit ANY of the forums on the Internet where many of the top professionals an exterior cleaning frequent, you will not find one of them that will recoodmend using those types of machines on roofs. I know this because I spend time, and know hundreds of other companies in the U.S. that clean roofs professionally. just visit some of the other forums dedicated to pressure washing and ask the question, and you will get the same thing.

    Check out these other forums for answers to any question that you may have. I'm trying to help, but if you are insistent on questioning what I'm trying to tell you, I give up.

    Ptstate. cim

    Ask about roof cleaning on any of these forums, or others, and you will here the same thing.
    As for your question about concrete, yes you would want a surface cleaning machine for concrete. Flat work is the one area of exterior cleaning where using a bit of pressure is excepted, and yes, you do want a PW because it is an efficient way to downstream chemicals, and you can use larger oriffice nozzles to rinse at lower pressures. When I'm washing houses (flashing down, not roofs) I rinse with no more than about 300psi. I don't use any pressure to rinse roofs, as a matter of fact you really don't even have to rinse roofs, you simply need to treat them with chemical.
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    This industry is still infant. For the most part, the information spewed is from vendors/manufacturers and has sold some unknowing wanna-be contractors useless stuff. Many stories of tools collecting dust in Garage due to mis-information from a seller of tools/chemicals.

    Feel free to call me anytime... I will help you for FREE and get you started right. 859-983-5955
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    Thanks for the offer....I may just take you up on that.
  10. D & L

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    i have a question about surface cleaners. i used a mastic to do a drive way, and used concrete cleaner, however it left round circles all over the driveway. what causes this, i have a 4000psi, and 18hp with 4.5gpm, i know i have the right equipment, but the surface cleaner just look like it didn't do the job. please any help would be greatly appreciated.

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