Looking for a tall Pagoda light that isn't over $30


LawnSite Member
Does such a thing exist? I'd just buy one of the DIY store pagoda lights and be done with it, but they're all so short, 17" and under. I'm looking for something in the 20" or better range that doesn't cost an arm and a leg as I need about 30+ of them.

I've had other lights over the years but when one breaks years later and I can't buy that style anymore I gave up replacing them, so maybe 1/2 of mine currently work. The Pagoda style seemed like the perfect option as it has been around forever and almost all of the mfr's make a pagoda style light.

I prefer to find ones with an LED, but will not buy one that has a custom built-in LED light. I've had enough LED lights to know they *NEVER* last as long as they say, so I need it to be easily replaceable bulb style.

I know, a lot to ask it seems. Frustrated in MN.