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    i currenly mow only a few lawns, 4-5 per week with my 33" troybilt walk behind. I have been looking to upgrade to a better mower and have been reading for days. I have to keep it smaller, 36" or smaller so i can fit through gates. I have been looking at used mowers on c/l in my area. I have found several in my budget. I would like to spend around $1200 for a used mower in good condition.
    I have found 33" billygoat w/ 13hp b/s engine that looks new for $950

    john deere gs30, looks pretty new $1200 obo

    Gravely GR 1334FX walk behind mower, 34" cut, Kawasaki 13.0 HP engine $1400 obo

    i was looking at a exmark metro 32 but that is way above my price range.

    are there any other mowers i should be looking at in this size?

    i cut all my lawns at the same height so quick adjust would be nice but not necessary.
    I have read about hydros being king, but they are just out of my price range.

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    is there a way to tell the year of the gs30 john deere?
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    Do search on the Billy Goat 33",the Billy Home Pro 34" would be a better. Any older Snapper Pro gear drive 36" or any model would be a good choice as long as it hasn't been abused,I picked one up for $500.

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    Any of three of the mowers you have listed would be a fine choice for what you are looking to do. If they look and run as good as the pictures when you go look at them then you would likely be good with any one of them.

    I currently have a Billy Goat FM3300 with the B&S 13hp Intek engine. It is a fine little mower for what it is & is even a step up from your current mower, but only a short step up. If you're looking to truly upgrade then go with a full duty commercial unit. I really have liked my Billy Goat, but I have kept it in it's niche & will be selling it soon as I have recently purchased a 36" Metro & have not touched the Goat since.

    GL with your hunt & purchase! Keep your eyes open, if a unit is advertised as with low use & hours, but the tires are about tread bare, there's fresh paint, beware. Look for oil or oil stains around the motor & area it is mounted in, look under the deck belt cover.
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    I have a 36 in gravely 15 36 hydro fixed deck it has done well for me so far I would recomend going to a floating deck exmark turf tracer or equal
    if you plan to mow for a long time I would go new if possible
    A good wbh you could do 6 or 8 yards a day with no helpers $150 a month payment for $200 + a day in income is worth buying my opinion only but I
    have not had good luck with used stuff

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    i thought of going new , but with only doing the few yards i do, i dont want a payment hanging over my head for a couple of years. I do this mainly for people i know, its just that they pay me to do it,so i am not looking to get more than 5-6 per week. I am not that guy that is going out and lowballing real lawn care businesses just to get some work. I just want to upgrade to something decent and i have found out that if i just spend the little extra money, things seem to last. Thats why when i wanted a backpack blower for my own house, i bought a stihl br550, and a nice echo weedeater, and a honda pole edger.

    i am waiting on a respose from the jd gs30 ad. He emailed me but didnt put in a contact number.

    Do you think that the jd is a good price for $1200? i am sure he will go a little lower.

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    LEaming towards the gravely I listed above. Talked to seller, bought it new in 08 ,moved past year into a condo and has receipt and service records. Also found an 04 36" metro but,they want 1200 plus tax. Decisions.....
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    HAd a local dealer quote me a simplicity pacer 17hp b/s 32 hydro model for 1695 plus tax...
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