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Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by mikegreen, Jun 11, 2014.

  1. mikegreen

    mikegreen LawnSite Member
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    I am looking for a work truck to tow my landscape trailer. which ones are the best and years. need 4wd because of snow. are rangers better than s10 or toyotas the way to go. i keep hearing mix reviews. any suggestions?
  2. ColliCut Land Mgmt

    ColliCut Land Mgmt LawnSite Member
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    2002 F-250 lariat crew cab, SRW, 6.5' box, 7.3L diesel

    That's probably not what you were looking for though. Asking "what's the best work truck?" will net you as consistent a response as "what's your favorite color?".

    What's does the truck need to do?
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  3. Dr. Cornwallis

    Dr. Cornwallis LawnSite Senior Member
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    I think S10's are garbage, not to mention ugly as sin and I typically see trailer trash driving them. I would pick up a Ranger from the last few years they made them or buy a newer Tacoma. I have a 2012 6sp manual 4x4 extra cab and it tows my trailer fine. Fuel mileage sucks though. I get about 14. Fuel mileage on the tacoma sucks when not towing as well. My next work truck will probably be a GMC 1500 reg cab base model 4x4 with the 5.3 echo tech or whatever they call it v8.

    I would say look into getting a diesel but now days their not really worth it IMO unless your hauling really heavy stuff. The EPA has ruined diesels.
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  4. mikegreen

    mikegreen LawnSite Member
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    haha your funny. so basically they all suck gas. i might as well get a small suv with a trailer then. the govt has ruined the auto industry with all their regulations.
  5. Blanks landscaping

    Blanks landscaping LawnSite Member
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    I got a 2000 4 cylinder ranger and I get around 20mpg towing my 5x8 enclosed trailer I'm limited to what I can tow though
  6. southerntide

    southerntide LawnSite Fanatic
    Male, from Alabama
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    All we have used was a Ranger now I got the new JD it's about 300 or so more pounds heavier than my Gravely was super heavy duty build though, I can tell the difference just a little but it's a 4.0

    after I replace or rebuild Gravely engine at end of year will be going from a crappy 5x10 dovetail trailer to a 6x12-14 tandom axle and putting airbags on rear of my Explorer to pull both mowers. It's a 5.0 with towing package.
  7. sehitchman

    sehitchman LawnSite Senior Member
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    Sounds like you are looking at something used and several years old. I went with small trucks for years, still miss the fuel economy, but. If you really want to grow, get a fullsize pu. You being in upstate NY, all the used 4X4's will be rust buckets or likely towed with. If you have the time and resources consider a southern truck or suv and come get it. I've found lots of cars and trucks for my Northern family. They show up all the time around here.
  8. sehitchman

    sehitchman LawnSite Senior Member
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    Plowed not towed
  9. sehitchman

    sehitchman LawnSite Senior Member
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    Like this, 2003, 4X4, 140K $4300

    Right down the street from me.
  10. mikegreen

    mikegreen LawnSite Member
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    Your so right sehitchman i lived in savannah, ga nice state. yes we do have rust problems our fuel lines go our muffler systems even with the washing still eats it up. Im trying to figure out what i should do, i guess, i could go with a full size pickup. i do like the rangers though. blanks thats not bad mileage for a ford ranger pulling that trailer what year is that ranger?

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