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Looking for accounts


LawnSite Member
Looking for some accounts in Western Burlington County, NJ.

I have picked up enough to get started, being careful not to tread on any of my competition. Not interested in going around lowballing and stealing accounts from guys, not my style, but I need to get a little bigger.
I'm a solo operation, experienced and insured, doing mainly mowing. Interested in buying out a small LCO or picking up some 20-30 accounts if you're overflowing.

TIA. Appreciate any help. PM me.


LawnSite Fanatic
Yup, things are a bit tight here too, I'm running fuel only until further notice.

But it's all good, I've had prior training :laugh:

One bit of advice, and maybe you can't do it your first year, but this is something an old guy told me and I took it seriously: In years to come, when the money is good, spend it on supplies! That way when things get tight, you can run fuel only for months, and as things grow down the road, years.

As things stand I've got most of my supplies stocked for the rest of the year and well into next, thou one mower is down on a part I don't have, as you can see the idea pays off if only in terms of survival.

Another thing that might help, is work on reducing your cost (not just the business, but your lifestyle as well).
Sux but we don't get rich, so thrift is the rule.

Good luck