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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bommaritro, Nov 1, 2002.

  1. bommaritro

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    Hey Guys,
    I stumbled across this site while looking for information about commercial lawn care. I must say the info that I have gained from this site has been amazing and I have only looked in this forum so I know there is tons of other stuff to learn about.

    So here is a little history on me. I have been working part time in lawn care. I have a few residential lawns in my area. I have been using a 21” since they have been small lawns. Now I have the opportunity to pick up a lawn-mowing rig. It consists of a used 36” Scag WB with sulky, a used 48” John Deere WB, Two Line trimmers (Ryobi and Ryan), dethacther and leaf broom (Both of which have been modified to attach on the front Scag), a Echo hedge trimmer, and a 10 ½’ by 7’ trailer. Now as for the shape of the mowers and the equipment is a bit rough I know with some TLC that they could be some mean machines. My guess is that they are from the early 90’s however I am not sure. The total cost of this package is $1500.00. Do you think that this is a good investment for a guy who is looking to get into the business and possible go full time?
  2. The Lawn Choupique

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    The best route to go is to look in the paper and purchase two or three one season old 21" push mowers. At this time of the year I buy a couple of them for around $50 each. Use them for the next season and throw them away. You will be able to keep your equipment cost as far as mowers go to less than $150 per year. One of the best ways to grow and prosper in this business is to keep cost to a absolute minimun. Throw in a couple of $40 weedeaters, a $60 blower and you will have less than $500 per year total equipment cost. Your net profits will be close to 90%.
    Follow this tried and ture path to success and soon you will be asking how to go about minimizing the tax bite that you will soon be feeling as the profits start rolling in.
  3. stslawncare

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    the rig you described COULD be a very good deal. what kind of condition is the trailer in?? does it have a nice ramp? good sides? trimmer racks? tool box?

    dont judge a book by its cover.......... do the wb's look rough? or do they run rough??? are the trimmers straight shaft or curved?? how do they run???? if the trailer is good, and the rest might need a tune up, its a great deal. give us some more details and we will help you out more.
  4. dr grass

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    sounds like a good deal to me. even if they are roungh. 1500 clams is pretty cheap for the rig your describing. your talking about 10k for that setup brand new. just gonna have to give em' some TLC.

    shep :cool:
  5. bommaritro

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    I have only seen them so far. Not sure how they run I am going to check them out tomorrow. From what I can see the WB are Belt driven, They look a little beat up(Need to be cleaned and painted)however the owner said that they ran great last season. From just looking at the engines there is no oil vilsible. The Scag has a Kohler 14.5hp I believe and the John Deere Kawisaki(SP?) which is an electric start. They have been stored indoors so I am guessing that they should be ok but I will see.

    As far as the trimmers they were curved shafts not straight. I have never owned a straight shaft so I can't compare the two. (My guess from looking at the cost straight seem the better way to go.)

    As for the trailer it appears to be in good shape it is a single axle with a new wood deck and new 2 foot tall sides. I am not sure if the gate acted as a ramp or not I couldn't tell from the angle it was parked. No racks or tool boxes put I have access to a metal shop so I could weld up some racks in a heartbeat as for tool boxes my 87 F250 has a 3 boxes(One behind the cab and two down the sides) Do you think I will need more boxes? I was guessing the I would need some spare parts for feild repairs(Blades, belts ect..) bu I figured that they wouldn't take up much room.

    Thanks for the feedback

  6. mowngrow

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    sounds pretty cheap. is it stolen??? i would certainly ask to feild test the equipment. if its runs good take it to the shop and have a good mechanic take a look but for 1500.00 it sounds pretty good
  7. For 1500 I would check it out pretty quick, if it isn't junk it will be gone before you know it.

    Sounds like you have enough tool boxes on your truck. I have the same thing and works out well.
  8. Brickman

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    By far the largest majority here will go for commercial grade equip that will last far longer than one season. Keep that in mind.

    Lawn Chopper I have had those $500 total equipment packages you describe. THEY SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Guido

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    It sounds like a good deal. I would toss the trimmers though, or at least invest a few hundred into a real trimmer to use as front line equipment. Maybe Lawn Chipoque will by the Ryobi and Ryan from you? ;)

    Good Luck, let us know how it turns out!
  10. bommaritro

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    :D:blob3: :D I am know the proud owner of the aforementioned equipment. I hauled them down to a local dealer and had them given the once over. The only thing that is wrong with all of the equipment is that the electric starter on the 48" is shot (Can be fixxed for $200) The only other things that I need to do is get a blower, and make a longer ramp for the trailer. I will take some pics of the stuff and post them as soon as I get a chance.


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