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    Hello, I am a newer home owner in south Florida. The previous owner decided to get rid of her lawn and basically placed pea gravel, or something similar, in place of grass on 80% of the yard. another 10% is a different kinda of stone and the rest is a mix of grass and weeds. There are weeds and hitchers growing through the pea gravel. It looks like about 1/2-1 inch of the pea gravel throughout with some pockets that are deeper. The lot is just under a quarter acre.

    I guess I am looking for options, right now I have a few people coming out with estimates to remove the stone. There is currently no irrigation system as well. My budget is not very big so I am looking for the most cost effective way to have a lawn, because this looks horrible and really is unusable in its current form. Any suggestions or advice would be so much appreciated. Thanks
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    Here are photos of above house and front.


  3. Are you opposed to xeri-scaping? Do you have to have grass? Whoops, didn't pay attention to the back....

    Well, if you want a lawn, you need irrigation. That's a couple thousand right there for a system in the front and back....Sod(depending on variety) will run you another $1K-$1500 or so....it will be a lot easier since it is all dirt and weeds. Not really needing a tear-out. I don't know your budget, but I would go with Floratam(St. Augustine cultivar) as it is nice if you maintain it properly and won't cost a fortune. If it were me I would landscape that island in the front completely, or 75% of it, put sod on the two "strips" on either side of the island and sod the back...
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