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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Ray_Lawns, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. AI Inc

    AI Inc LawnSite Fanatic
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    Glue on a ball valve and leave it open
    Once its dry shut it and do your repair.
  2. NC_Irrigator

    NC_Irrigator LawnSite Bronze Member
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    What sprinkus said..

    I would have my guys pull the meter out and make my repair. Then, Put the meter back in the yoke/union and also call the water dept to come
    REPLACE the curb stop since it wont shut off. They should have no issues doing it.
  3. irritation

    irritation LawnSite Gold Member
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    You can always shut it off at the backflow preventer. :hammerhead:
  4. Kiril

    Kiril LawnSite Fanatic
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    You could always smash it with a sledge too. :)
  5. 1idejim

    1idejim LawnSite Fanatic
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    That's just plain silly.
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  6. Kiril

    Kiril LawnSite Fanatic
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    Shoot it with a shotty?
  7. txirrigation

    txirrigation LawnSite Senior Member
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    If there is too much flow to glue on an iso valve, you can always install a threaded iso valve on one of those male adapters. Like IA said, keep it open while you are installing it, then close it.

    THEN- Right after you have shut down the leak, install a back flow device.
  8. Ray_Lawns

    Ray_Lawns LawnSite Member
    from NE AL
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    What is this "backflow device" yall keep mentioning?!?!?! just kidding guys i know what one is but it seems as if nobody around here that does irrigation does. I am trying to do my best to learn the proper way to irrigate but yet all i find around here ir jerry rigging and cut corners. I look at all that as lessons of how not to do things. It's raining like hell here still but as soon as it stops i am going to attack this problem and get the ol gal fixed. i am actually going to use the white bread method trick first thing because i think its cool.

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