Looking for advise on buying ZTR


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Central Missouri
I am looking to buy a good quality commercial ZTR for mostly residential use, but I am considering going into the business. I have 3 acres of lawn at my house that is somewhat hilly.

I am retiring from the Marine Corps next month and I really don't want to work for anyone. I am trying to decide whether to do electrical work or lawn care.

I want to buy a quality used or demo mower . I saw a Wright Sentar on Ebay that has 41 hours on it. Is this a good mower or should I go with Toro, Exmark etc...

I want to do a good job quickly at my house and at customers houses!!! I have a Bunton 61" walk behind that will probably work for my house, but I have spent a lot of years on my feet and my knees may not be up to the job.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Had planned to buy a Wright Sentar for the last few years. Still would, but may be leaning more towards Hustler, now. The Wright is a fine mower........you can use it as a stander, or set on it.
Regardless which one you buy (any comm. grade) I have a feeling you'll be able to overcome, adapt, and improvise! (no doubt)

.........and welcome to the forum, movintomo!


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Hustler ztr's are great mowers....give them a look if you have a dealer near by.


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Dayton, Oh
I bought a Husler Super Z with a 72" deck last year to mow 3.5 acres with some hills at the rear of my lot. I had almost every ZTR you can name on demo and used my neigbors on both sides ZTRs. One has a Toro Z Master 72" and the other has a Bob Cat 60". They both agree for the money , the cut and time I have the best mower. I modified mine at the end of the year by adding a dual blade adaptor and air operated discharge cover. With the dual blade adaptor I have a std. blade on the bottom with a gator blade on top in an "X" arrangment. I have all most no visible sign of clippings. I also added an air operated discharge cover which is great when you do not want to through your clippings on walks or flower beds. On the hills it's great, walks right up them like a mountain goat. But I agree with someone else in here, demo, demo, demo, thats what I did.


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bastrop, la.
If there is a Bad Boy dealer in your area, check one out.
Youll be glad you did.

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