Looking for advise on Ferris vs Exmark


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I'm in the market for a new ztr. I don't have a lawn business, however, I wouldn't mind cutting a few lawns on the side... and I intend on cutting roughly 3-4 acres of my own lawn about once or twice a week.

I have been reading through all of the posts for 2 days now and can't really make up my mind between the Exmark and the Ferris.

I guess what really has me hung up is this "IS" on the Ferris.
Is there a noticible difference in the ride going over rough terrain?
Also which mower has the best cut and features? I would really like to hear ya'lls comments on the ferris' suspension vs not having any on the other mowers.

I guess the smoothness of ride is somewhat important to me... easy maintenance (easy to work on) is very important.
Ultimately Im looking for all I can get for my money!

Thanks for any suggestions!!:confused:


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Tryon NC
I have a thing for Walkers myself. Now I am not too much for Ferris because of the way the steering handles are up high and my arms go numb. But the new Ferris like the one we have in the show room have tunable suspension. Springs and shocks. A Ferris may be your best bet if you are going 4-wheeling. Now some one else will have to comment on Exmark machines.


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Unless you've already narrowed it down to Ferris or Exmark, you might want to check out the Country Clipper Charger. I also was concerned about the ride on my rough terrain. Demoed an Exmark (CT) and Scag and ended up bouncing around as much as on my previous JD. The new Charger has a pivoting front axle (as do several other brands) and along with the 24x12 tires (lowered to 10psi) it seemed smoother than anything else. The flip-up deck also made accessing blades and clean-up a lot easier. The 23hp/52" was just over $5800. Have also tried the air suspension seats on several brands - - also helps, but I was more concerned about the wear and tear on the machine itself from excessive bouncing. Good luck!