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Looking for ALOT more customers...Need creative ideas!


We will beat any advertised price! Most lawns $20. That will get you all kinds of work. Only problem is you'll starve to death.



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Get t-shirts made up and give them out to friends and family.

Spend a little more on flyers, maybe something a little more "eye catching" or appealing.

Try door hangers instead of flyers.

Start some type of referral program for your current customers.

Use yard signs at your high visability accounts, give the customer some sort of incentive to let you do that.


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Anybody on here can get as much work as they want if they try. I you aren't real good with talking to people maybe you know someone with serious sales skills. Have them go door to door with detailed flyers and round about pricing. You may have to pay this person like $10-20 a sale but think about what it would do for you in the long run. This is what I should do but I hate knowing that atleast 95% will say no and probably be rude. I'm not the best salesperson either. I just use local classifieds but in about a month I'm going door to door with 1000 flyers. I hope to get them all out in 3 or 4 days and pickup 50 or spring type one time jobs and 15 or so mowing accounts.


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thanks guys...ever get kicked out of neighborhoods going door to door? some of the nicer neighborhoods around can be a little sensitive!


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We will beat any advertised price! Most lawns $20. That will get you all kinds of work. Only problem is you'll starve to death.

There was an idiot that did that last year in Dothan AL. "$19.95 any yard in dothan" It ruined the beginning of the season and after a few months he was gone, so I don't recommend killing yourself.


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I would start out emailing or calling EVERY single person you have ever known. From your childhood doctor to the lady who helps with your taxes. Tell them you are looking for people who are in need of landscape help. Tell them how expeirenced you are and how great your work is. Ask ALL your current customers for referals...give them a free mow for a SOLID lead. I guess you have to ask to get something in return.

I guess the point is to contact as many "REAL" people as you can. People in the real estate biz call it the mayors campaign....you know how that goes. When someone is running for office, they tell everyone and their mother about it. They shake hands and pass out card to everyone no matter if they need the vote or not. You never know what can come around.

Team up with the Car Wash owner.....tell him you will pass out flyers with his ad on the back if you can put card on his pay counter or card go out to every wash.

If you dont do ferts...team up with a fert and squirt dude....work a deal that you will give him all you clients in return for leads. You want the lawn to grow so it needs mowing and the fert dude needs the work. Most fert leads are solid mow leads, cuz you know they care about their lawns.

Tell someone you will advertise on you trailer for a few bucks a week...get enough and you will make up gas money without hitting your lawn customers. Sell the local hardware store and have them advertise on your trailer and you will cut the lawn there and put a sign in the yard.

I could go on....and on....