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    Hello All,
    My name is Sam, I own a small lawn service called Student Lawn & Landscape while I attend school. For one of my classes I have to put together a market entry report on any business, which includes an interview with a current business owner in the field. Since I am already in the green industry and plan to be for awhile, I choose a lawn service as my class project. I am looking for an owner of a lawn service, primarily a fert. company (their services should not include lawn mowing, but may have at one time) who is willing to be subject to an interview.

    I am looking for an owner who does $700,000 in sales or more a year. I have tried contacting some local companies around town, but I think they are mistakingly feeling threatened. This is not a contest, so I will want to interview everyone who comes forth, the more information the better.

    I do want to note that I am not trying to pry 'operational methods' of how to 'do this' or 'do that', but this is more of a research of overall business concepts through others experience's. This is part of the research I need to determine how successful I could be as I plan to enter the market.

    I know everyone's time is very precious during the spring season, but if you could spare 1/2 hour to interview with me, you would be doing me a great favor. If you are willing to be interviewed (via phone, unless local) e - mail me at smginnis@studentlawnpro.com


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