Looking for Baseball Field Repair Service Near Newark, OH

Discussion in 'Sports Field Management' started by HitmanOSU, Apr 17, 2014.

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    Looking for a company that does baseball field repair work in the Newark, OH area. Specifically looking to have some baseball mounds rebuilt and possibly some infield dirt added. The company we used to go through (Fraziers Field Repair) has apparently gone out of business.

    Any recommendations would be appreciated!

    Bret M. Whitaker
    Program Coordinator of Athletics, Physical Education, & Recreation
    The Ohio State University at Newark &
    Central Ohio Technical College
    1179 University Drive, Newark, OH 43055
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    There is a guy in Westerville that does this kind of work.
    His name is Jerry Kelbly. Sorry I don't have any contact info for him.
    He is a retired Westerville teacher and I believe he still coaches softball at
    Westerville South H.S. You may be able to find contact info on the Westerville City schools website.

    He has a business established building and repairing ballfields.
    He is held in very high regards around central Ohio and is a good guy to work with.

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