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Looking for basic proposal/agreement for your basic mow and blow/allowing for extras


LawnSite Member
Northeastern PA
Hello all. I have to say this is a very informative site and I have enjoyed reading all the posts.

Im looking for a basic proposal/ agreement for your basic mow and blow ,allowing for extras -as far as spring clean up etc.
I have read through many of the posts and some are no longer available.

Is anyone willing to share what they use.
Green with envy! Mtngoat.:D

Randy J

LawnSite Bronze Member
Richmond, KY
This is an Excel form I created to do such a thing. You can enter the square footage, difficulty multiplier, and number of mows to get a one-time, or seasonal proposal. You can also enter trimming, shrub trimming, fertilzing, cleanups, and other optionals. I would probably want to dress it up before giving it to a customer, but it makes a good worksheet. I've already given it out to a bunch of people - though I'm not sure if anyone has used it.





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Northeastern PA
Hello the lites are on but nobody is home.

OK How about this? Are there other Lawn Care Message Boards?
Gotta be . OK. So what are they? Maybe I can find someone on one of the other boards who can give me some ideas on a basic Mow And Blow /Clean up proposal.
We are not trying to take over the world here, just looking for some good solid starter information.
:blob2: Mtngoat.

Green Quality

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Hopwood PA
well from south west pa.what are you thinking about,need more info!maybe can help?
Great files.........


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Bellbrook, OH

I'll would send you one by PM if you had it enabled.