Looking for catchy/funny ideas for t-shirts

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Mike S., Sep 21, 2010.

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    Hello everyone,

    this is my first post so bare with me lol.

    i'm trying to get away from the original t-shirts for business. meaning i'm sick of seeing the company name and number with a slogan on the back of a shirt. my business is called "Cheap Lawn Service" (and yes with the michigan economy it has done me very well). does anyone have any ideas for shirt designs or catchy phrases???? it doesn't have to incorporate the business name but it is a plus. i was even thinking of doing a shirt that just says "she think's my lawn mower's sexy" (a take off from the popular song from kenny chesney) another one i thought of was geared more toward the women that would be a pink a shirt that says on the back "Have your neighbors check out your grASS! -Cheap Lawn Service -phone number etc.)

    any help would be appreciated. thanks ya'll

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    When I was in high school the girls swim team thought it would be really cool to put one of those floor sign picures of a stick figure falling on a slippery floor on their team shirt then putting "Slippery when wet" on it....... they had only good intentions I think but it did not last long for obvious reasons......... was a good laugh though.
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    I have a winner, gimme an hour to work up an image
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    what do you think?

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    haha that's definitely original.

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