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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by kturf, Jan 20, 2005.

  1. kturf

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    Some one mention on here that they got flyer's printed at office depot and stapels for .2 cents a copy called the one local they quoted me .99 per copy someone said you have to mention something to get the discount What was That?
  2. kdbetters

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    I think they said that you have to mention the economy rate.
  3. Hamons

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    2 cents would be b/w. Color in small amounts is going to be about 99 cents -- going down a little when you go to higher volumes. If you go up to a 1000 you can get it down to around 21 cents or so. SOme online companies will do them for 15 cents -- usually on very thin paper though.
  4. andersonmowing23

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    Try www.48hourprint.com I belive that is the website. I decided to use them, they are the cheapest I could find with full color both sides, To tell you the truth I forgot how much, But I ordered the club flyers, 5,000. If you find a place cheaper tell me about it. Don't forget to ask for free samples, they send them right to you doesn't take very long either, definatly worth looking into if you ask me.
  5. GrassMasterNC

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    I got tired of the ripoff's here, so I went and bought a new high end laser printer to do everything for me. It's a little more up front, but I can knock out all of my brochures, door hangars, and everything else right in my office at home - however many I want and whenever I want. The cartridges are about $80.00 each and there are 4 of them, so that's expensive too, but in the long run, I am saving an a$$load.

    Went to staples and bought the last 2004 model they had - paid half price for it, so that helped a little.

    I ordered my blank door hangars online, use coverstock paper for the brochures, and regular paper for everything else.

    Just an option to think about.

  6. wrestlingcoach

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    Go to a vo-tech or high school because that will save you money and they may even design it

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