Looking for equipment in Independence, MO

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by gdub, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. gdub

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    I have been mowing about 10 yards per season since 8th grade. This year I bought the new Toro 40" Hydro so I can get more yards. I also got a new Toro Recycler to do my trimming with. I am possibly looking for a new blower and trimmer (preferably stihl). Also, I am wanting some advice on acquiring yards in the eastern Jackson County area. Any advice on getting my business going in this area would be excellent.
  2. robertsturf

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    Try Ace Hardware on 24 Hwy just west of 291 or Kings on 23rd street , formerly Eberts. They both carry Stihl.
  3. jazak

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    I have a 044 Sthil, 020T Sthil (comes with bar & chain), BR-400 Sthil backpack blower & Echo HC-1500 gas hedge trimmer (comes with 2 sets of blades) & Echo SRM-210 gas weedwacker for sale. The Echo & Sthil backpack blower is like brand new & the saws are in great condition. Its a great starter pachage and you can't beat the price $1500 for all.
    Call me @ 973-627-1488 or email me @ jazak@optonline.net for more info

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