Looking for feedback on my program...

Danny Morris

LawnSite Member
Buffalo, NY
First time homeowner here. Inherited a 7500 sq ft healthy lawn with cool season fescue, ryegrass, and kentucky bluegrass. Has a nice irrigation system and good soil. Though healthy, there are some imperfections including a small weed problem (clover, crabgrass, other), modest brown patches, a little moss. Over the last two weeks Ive reseeded several sections with good growth early on. Mowing fairly high and returning the clippings.

I'm looking for feedback on my plan for the remainder of the year. I purchased Milorganite (6-4-2 organic fert), PGF Complete (16-4-8 fert), Super Juice (14-2-4 fert), and Duocide (insecticide). All products except Milorganite recommended by How To Doc. Today I threw down Milorganite at about 65% of the normal rate. Later this week I'll spray a light coat of Super Juice. This weekend I'll apply a heavy application of insecticide and do a light overseed in some areas with some top soil. No dethatching and no aerating to keep things simple and less expensive. There is definitely a solid thatch layer, but I'm going to leave it until spring. I tested the soil in several areas with a hand aerator and it is generally soft and dark. In a couple of weeks I'll hit it with Super Juice again. In early October I'll throw down PGF Complete at 65% the normal application rate along with some Super Juice. With the slow release Milorganite and PGF Complete "stacked" with lighter dosages it should have nutrients into the dormant stage. Come mid-late October I'll do one last light treatment of Super Juice. I'll also start taking my lawn down an inch. I've seen this recommend though not sure why.

Any recommendations?