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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by rkeguy, Sep 12, 2013.

  1. rkeguy

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    I have been using a free website hosting service since last year but never had much activity on it. It was linked to facebook and I would place ads on Craigslist from time to time. Craigslist brought alot of tire kickers so I stopped posting there. I believe the free webhosting was to long since it was a subdomain (website.yolasite.com). I have never created a website before, but most it it was point and click so it seemed easy.

    We'll getting ready for next year, I purchased a package from Yola that provided a domain for $50 for 1 year. I thought it would be a good trial.

    Could you provide your opinion after looking at the site? I have a few pictures from some jobs on it. Any free options to gain traffic? I have accounts on Manta and AngieList but no reviews.

    Old Site: patriotlawnservice.yolasite.com (redirects to new)
    New Site: plsroanoke.com
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    i would go through here and read previous reviews as they're pretty much all applicable to you. if you search this particular sub-forum with "review", you'll see a relevant chunk of help for you.

    a few things:
    - do you own the domain if you leave after the year? before building around it, i'd make sure you do.
    - download and read the google and moz guides to beginner's seo
    - write content, aka add context, to your pictures. we see pics of lawns/landscaping, but the search engines only know you have pictures of something. tell google what you have.
    - "infomational" is an awkward word to use. "things to know", "FAQ", or something similar is more familiar to people.
    - get localized content on to your pages. tell people (read: search engines) where you are, who you service, where you do business, etc.
    - get phone numbers and other contact info on every page.
    - approximately 60% of the screen on my laptop is taken up by your menu, header, and the giant reiteration of your company name. we already see your name in the header so you might as well bring some of your relevant home page content "above the fold".
    - if you're going to have a text logo, you might as well add a second line with your phone number. it's all about making it easy to contact you.

    yell with any questions.
  3. rkeguy

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    Thanks for the info. I'll do a search and work to make improvements.
  4. rkeguy

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    Thanks for all your suggestions. This is first website I've every attempted but very interested.

    I did some searching and found good information on this site. I did read alot of other information about SEO's and watched some videos. There is context under each picture but I noticed that either the thumbnail had to be clicked on or hover mouse over before reading it. From a google search I found html script to remove the large Yola site advertising at bottom of each page. I added local areas, contact info for each page, and changed the word "informational" to "FAQ" per suggestion. I cannot find a way yet to change the header/menu size but will change soon with picture relevant to company.
    I added title tags and header tags.
    Page title Example: Lawn Mowing | Company Name | Location
    Added Description
    Meta Tag Keyword: lawn mowing, lawn service, grass mowing, grass service then locations

    Went to webmaster tools for google and bing and added url to each one.
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    Need pics, pics, pics! - all pages. Like the FAQ section. Try a pic next to each service description. (at least one) White space is important on a website but lack of color and variety made me feel like I was reading a novel. Could add a section - 5 reasons you provide better service. I personally might try to fade the flag pic some, only because the flag is so prominent in our minds and you want to draw the eye to info. below. It's a super start though!

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