Looking for first Z Turn Mower, What do you recommend

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by jamze7417, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. jamze7417

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    I'm Finally starting my lawn company and need to purchase my equipment from scratch. I'm pretty set on the Stihl line for trimmers/ blowers. But for a Zero turn theres so many out there. Not to mention, every company puts out like 10 different units. What are a few good models and brands that i should look for. Also what are some features that a good mower should have? I will be mowing very flat lawns, in FL. There not super large or anything. What size would you guys recommend? Also would a rider be better to start or just a walk behind. I also am going to need a smaller mower for timming and stuff. Any Recommendations on brand/size there as well? I know its a lot of questions but any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. martinfan06

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    Toro z masters work very well here in fla also scag just depends on your preference, best to demo at local dealer to get the feel of 1. Small mower toro t-bar in my opinion great machine.
  3. mebergstran

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    I've had great luck with exmark, but I too would say demoing is the best way to go. That my be the best way for you to decide if you want a rider or a walk behind too. Try a few and see what you think.
  4. razor1

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    Exmark/Toro, good machines and dealer support. :weightlifter:
  5. weeble67

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    I made a mistake and bought a cheaper brand to start out with. Yes, it worked, and I was able to land some jobs. After two years I finally made the purchase I wanted to make in the begining...Exmark. Here's the thing. Had I bought it in the begining I would have had it just about paid for by now. I highly recomend you buy a good name mower. Even if it's used. Talk to your Dealers and do a few demos. See what you like, and what you feel most comfortable on. The time you spend will be worth it. Find a dealer that will be there for you. Things break. Make sure your not driving hours or waiting days for parts to arrive. Do some homework. You'll appreciate it later.
  6. GreenN'Clean

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    I've had great luck with cub cadet and bunton mowers but try the machines out and see what works best for you. I wanted what felt better to me not just what name was on the machines...
  7. IHusky

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    Most commerical ztr are built to last, but they do break. It is very important to find a dealer that offers dealer support after you buy. Don't just buy at the first place you go to. Visit several dealers and see how they treat you when you walk in and go back a couple of times. If you go Ztr, then get one that has a foot assit. Also, demo the ztr before you buy.

    You cannot go wrong when first starting out with a 32 or 36 walkbehind if you are targeting smaller properties. You won't break the bank, and if you buy used, you can find them for around $1200-$2000 used. I would suggest hydro if you can afford it, they are easier to use and and require no shifting of gears. Again, I would suggest demoing a belt driven walkbehind vs one that is hydro.

    As for a trim mower, I would go Toro Commercial 21" Which will be my next mower after my Cub konks out.

    Also, don't just demo the models for 10 minutes, take it out and cut like you just bought it.

    If money was no object, this would be my list.

    Scag 61 ztr
    Scag 36 hydro wb
    Toro Commercial 21" w/kaw engine.

    good luck
  8. Rob.C

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    I would suggest a 60" super-z with efi if u can afford it. I would also get a trimstar hydro 36" for smaller yards and any big hiils u encounter. Best of luck to you.:)
  9. Roger

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    The title of your thread implies you intend to buy a ZTR, but then you pose a question in the body of your post about a walk-behind mower. You may get some good responses here on what to buy for a ZTR, but the better question to ask is ZTR or w/b mower. If you can be more specific about what you are likely to be mowing, the answers could be of greater benefit to you. Somebody above suggested a w/b at lesser cost than a ZTR. Perhaps this is the right choice, but you have not provided enough information to make that assessment.

    I worked the first year with a hand mower. Then I bought a w/b and used it for eight seasons. The next season I added a ZTR. In my case, I should have added the ZTR sooner, but the economics of adding it simply were not there. The added cost of a ZTR could not be justified for the added income -- the w/b was my best income producer. But, every situation is different, and must be evaluated with the circumstances. What works for one person may not work for another.

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    anything but a cub cadet, lol j/k (not really) ummmm it all depends really on dealer support, i stick with exmark/toro, and scag myself.

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