looking for forman for landscape/snow company

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    Foreman - Great Pay - Excellence Required
    We are looking for great people to be a part of our growing team. We strive to have a great work environment for lawn mowing, landscaping and snow removal in Central VT. We expect to hire accordingly. We are looking to hire people permanently and full time. Prior experience may be an asset but a hunger to succeed and a determination to win are worth more.

    As a Foreman, you are expected to do the following:
    - plow 25-30 drives / parking lots
    - Mow, with a helper, around 80 lawns per week
    - Maintain your truck and equipment in very good condition
    - Meet and exceed our standards for excellence both in the shop and in the field.
    - Exhibit a pleasant and teachable attitude. Most people can't physically accomplish what we demand. There will be a lot of hard work, training, and corrections until you get there.

    Please do not submit your application if:
    -You are unable to work full time
    - You are looking for a temporary position
    - You have trouble showing up on time
    - You would fail a drug test
    - You don't have a clean driving record
    - You are not in reasonable physical condition or do not enjoy working outdoors


    - We reward long term team members with significant raises.
    - As we grow, there may be opportunity for advancement.
    - Periodic paid days off when I, the owner, will take your place in the field.

    As part of the interview process, you will be expected to talk with us to see if this company/position is a good fit for you. I want you to know firsthand what it is like to work here. We are striving to be the very best.

    Ask for Matthew
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    Bump to the top still looking
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    bump it up
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    Not going to be easy with all those requirements :waving:
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    i know it wont be easy but the right person is out there

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