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south east ny

i am an irrigation contractor in rockland county, ny. i have a landscape division and was looking to make our estimators life a little easier. while i measure out properties for irrigation, i want to estimate them for topsoil, seed, sod, mulch...

i know their are formulas for this, such as: 1 yard of topsoil will cover 160 sq ft 2" thick.

what are the 'formulas' for mulch, sod...

how do you figure in price...

am i making sense? it has been a looooooooong day. if anyone could help me out it would be much appreciated.

thank you,

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Hey Brian-
Here is a site with a mulch calculator

I have seen your truck and trailer around, I may have some work for you. I have had a couple of my clients in Woodcliff Lake NJ ask me for the number of a Sprinkler Co. I gave one of them AquaDucks Number. If you are interested in more work let me know I will be happy to refer you. and would greatly appreciate any referals that you could get me.


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In all truthfullness, if I were your estimator, all I would want would be square footage of bed spaces, and lawn areas to be seeded. If you could get me that, it takes virtually no time to translate those numbers into amounts of products. It's not hard to get a sheet in Excel made up to calculate these things if all you do is punch in the square footage.

Don't take this the wrong way, since I don't know if its the case or not, but if your estimator is having trouble figuring out materials based on square footage, then maybe it's time to find a new estimator???

Just my $.02



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I figure out the simple stuff in my head usually but I've got a contractor's calculator called a ProjectCalc Plus. It will figure out area to volume calculations, convert yards to tons with gravel and other materials and make calculations for framing, tile and wallpaper. You can enter your own values for weights and other material values. It was around $20, and I can't remember where my wife got it. Their website is www.calculated.com


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I also use ProjectCalc Plus, and it is great for figuring quickly. I got it from HD for $20. Every time I show it to people in the biz, they buy one. Just don't lose the directions like I did.

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Each inch of Depth = .08
1" =.08 5" =.40 9" =.75
2" =.16 6" =.50 10'=.83
3" =.25 7" =.58 11"=.92
4" =.33 8" =.66 12"=1.0

To find volume of topsoil
1. Find area, say 120 x 65 = 7800SF
2. 7800Sf x 2"(.16) = 1248CF
3. Devide 1248CF by 27(CY) = 46.22CY

Hope this helps! I designed a "Excell" based on screen calculator with common math for contractors etc. I can e mail it to you, it's free