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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by fool32696, Oct 1, 2008.

  1. fool32696

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    I've had a small bit of success getting listed on Google. Any simple SEO items that I'm overlooking?

    My site generates most of my new work so it's doing something. I'm just looking for a critique of what can be made better so that someone who comes across the homepage digs deeper and is compelled to contact me.

    I'm sure the code's a mess. I'm not a web guy so I used Yahoo's Sitebuilder. I think this site will suffice until I can throw down $10k on something better.

    I'd appreciate any advice you guys have. If you have something bad to say, please back it up with your reasoning.

    I don't want to type my url here in a public forum. Just google "williston fl lawn service". Should be 1st in local listings and listed a few times down the page. Look for CFLS.
  2. Bill S

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    first thing you should do is post a link

    one, I am lazy and wont go the extra mile for you if you don't make it easy for me

    two, it is a good backlink to your site

    three, you should just do it
  3. fool32696

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    Okay, you got my attention.

    Your site looks nice and clean, but not much content. You want to have a lot of content on your site and off your site. Write some articles and press releases and upload them to directories. Your keywords identified in the meta tags are not used in your content at a good ratio. You want each keyword listed in the meta tags to be used in 2-3% of your content. So for every 100 words in the content you want 2 words that are listed in your keywords. Keep your bold text minimized to only keywords if possible. Add your phone number to the description tag, add an RSS feed link as well as a .ico image. Add a site map linked to the home page and buy your domain name for 5 years or more.

    I see that you are doing hardscaping as well as landscaping. Try to design a separate site for the hardscaping so you can keep your keywords specific to each service.
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  5. fool32696

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    I have a sitemap on the bottom left of the homepage. I think google indexed it.
  6. WebMan

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    1st sitemaps don't have to be on the page anywhere, just in the files.
    Second your keywords and title tags are a mess. Other than that you need content and lots of it. Hard to get to the top with a yahoo site, they put so much of their "junk" in there. But you mention an unrealistically high price for a custom site. A "top-end" site for what you do shouldn't run more than $300, maybe $500 tops unless you really want overkill.

    What Google (and to an extent the rest of the engines) look for is your keywords or phrases used in context in content.
    Meaning you can't just type lawn care, lawn care, lawn care, or whatever (in fact that will get you banned from Google) but like someone above suggest write some articles. All about proper lawn maintenance in the "whatever your keyphrase is" area. LOTS of good information that in the process mentions the terms you think people in your area will likely search for.
    You say your site has been bringing you business. Great! Check your stats. What are the most common keywords and keyphrases that are getting you visitors? Which pages do they stay on longest? Stats will tell you a lot about what your visitors are doing and if those people are turning into customers then you are on the right track... just do more of it.

    The biggest mistake I see people here making is overemphasis on SEO. Sure you want a good rank for the terms people in your area will likely use. But how big is the web site name on the side of your truck or trailer? OOP's...your domain name stinks! Why? It's your company name, and in your case it's a mile long, your e-mail would barely fit across the bottom of a business card and you would need an 18-wheeler to fit it on...but WAIT...you have MowGainsville.com too!

    Why are you using the good name to re-direct to the super-long lousy one. A redirect hurts in the search engines, you don't get "twice the exposure" ...I mean Google caught on to that "trick" about 30 minuites after they started Google. So why not drop the monster and go with the better one? People there know Gainsville and they now know you Mow-simple enough and the e-mail address doesn't take them until lunch to type it.

    Add some "meat" to the site, make MowGainsville.com the primary domain and capitalize it the way I did in 4' tall letters on your trailer. If you are out & about you will get more traffic from that than Google.
    Remember; when a potential customer finds you on Google it's got the same problem as the yellow pages (only the yellow pages are a huge waste of $$ and Google is free) ...when people find you there they find most of your competitors at the same time and they are all just an easy "click" away.
    When they see your working and notice the neat-uniformed (even if it's T-shirts & matching shorts) personnel and the clean, organized truck/trailer/equipment AND the great job you are doing AND MowGainsville in 4' letters they are looking at only you when they get home or to the office and type it in.
    No competing sites/offers/coupons/discounts... just you, that professional looking outfit they saw. If the web site reinforces that "image" you have another customer as easy as answering the phone or an e-mail.

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