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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Mr. Von, Nov 17, 2003.

  1. Mr. Von

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    I have been mowing lawns for many years, mostly small personal accounts. I have several condo complexes, churches and other misc. businesses that I would definately benefit from nearby, if only I knew where to start and who the best people to contact would be at these places.
    I know that most condos have trustees or a management board of some sort, churches also have this set-up I assume, but what is the best way, best person and best time to contact? I assume that bidding is done either late in the year or early (before March) for our seasonal weather here in Ohio. Would appreciate the help form all of you seasoned veterans. ;-)
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  3. A1 Lawn@Landscapes

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    Why do you want commercial accounts ?

    Around here their only perpose is to keep large crews busy in one place. They are mostly all way underbid out this way with no loyalty to the contractor. Price is their only consideration.
  4. Mr. Von

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    Thanks Gopher!! Very informative.

    As for the question on why commercial?-- There is an abundance of opportunity around me, thought it might be worth a shot!?!
  5. mike espinola

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    hi i just started my landscape bussiness and would like tips on commercial lawn care like on biding and other things.
  6. lbmd1

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    I'm with A-1. Not much loyalty in commercial work, chasing payments from some entity states away. I'll stick with high end resies anyday. Hey Mike E., where in Fall river are you located. I was born at Saint Ann's 40 yrs ago and come down for Portugese & other enthic food every other month. My first stop is Sam's syrian bakery in the flint, then Marcucchi's for italians, then columbia street for my choricho rolls. Boy I miss the food there. No good ethnic food here in NH. If you need any help starting out email me at LBMD1@yahoo.com. Have lots of marketing stuff I'll share with a fellow Fall Rivian.

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    What a difference the other side of the country makes. Down here the south is much more loyal with its comercial business than are residentials.

    After being inthis busness for about three years I only have two residentials that are original from the first 6 months I started. Almost all of my commercial accounts have stayed with me.

    The best way it works for me on getting accounts is to select an account or area that you want to expand in. Walk up to the door and ask the first person you see "Who is responsible for the grounds and building here?"..."May I speak with them?"..."Are you completly happy with the job currently done here?"..."May I walk the property and work up some numbers for you to consider?"..."What areas are you unhappy with?"... All these questions get me serious consideration in most accounts.

    I work up a proposal for them, usually fax it to them or email it, and call them back expecting a clear yes or no.

    I have 40 accounts. Over half of them are commercial. The adverage commercial account take 2.5 man hours to complete. All commercial accounts get 30 visits a year...minimum.

  8. Mr. Von

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    Thanks for the good info! Looks like a swell idea. :)

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