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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by jwingetlawncare, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. jwingetlawncare

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    I did lawn care and snow removal this past year just as side income and have decided to go full time with it.

    I said my business name could be: Winget Lawn Care and Snow Removal

    Winget being my last name.

    However, my wife says everyone uses their last name so I thought I could get a few opinions or other suggestions on the matter.

    We live in North Central/Northwest Ohio.

    Thanks for your assistance in advance
  2. jwingetlawncare

    jwingetlawncare LawnSite Member
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    I have also considered

    Winget Property Management and Winget Property Maintenance
  3. echeandia

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    I suggest you sit down with a paper and pencil and write down anything and everything you can think of for a name. Don't do any editing just write them down. Have your wife help you. You should easily come up with 75 names. You may want to do it over several days. Once the list is complete then you can start whittling it down to your favorite.
  4. ProcsLC

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    Don't know, I kind of like the last name idea especially if you've lived there awile and know everyone... I use my last name since myself, father and grand father all pretty much grew up here... Helps with word of mouth advertising, people recognize last names, especially older folks... Something to keep in mind even if your the first tier in the name game, your kids might benefit from it later in life!
  5. rcslawncare

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    Come up with a ton cause just settling for anything will have you wishing in the long run. I went with my initials, but again, kinda plain. Around here, the last name is really popular, so I did not go that route! Good luck with your name!
  6. rods55

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    looking for a name for my company also, once you pick a name, is there a website in your home state to see if anyone else has the same company name as you, thx

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