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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by cookslandscaping18, Apr 7, 2011.

  1. cookslandscaping18

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    I am looking for a little advice or input on my situation. I have had a company for three years now and last year was by far my best year. But still i only have only have 20 accounts. I average about $2600 a month on mowing and some more from month to month on landscaping projects we do. So i would say we make right at aleast $3500 a month and last year we had three or four months with 5000 or more. To make it smiple i made 43,000 this last year. I own a 48" exmark lazer, 48" bobcat hydro z control,three sthil weedeaters, shindawia blower,one sthil edger,enclosed 6x12,sthil backpack sprayer,chainsaws,and a bunch of handtools and others and also bought a boss 8' plow this year all equipment is paid for. My question is i have a chance to run a mowing crew for one of the big companys in my town and was wondering if you guys thought you would try to keep growing or just take a job with a big company and leave the headaches to them. I am just lost on what to do and was looking for some input. I am not slow at any means in business just dont know what to do alot of people seem to be getting into landscaping and lawn maintenance in my area and just want to make sure i make the right move. thanks
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    I guess I'm nor sure what your're asking. You seem to be growing so whats the problem. Take the extra mowing gig if the price is right. Why not? You will grow even more if thats what you want. You need to decide how big you wanna get. For me I have established customers and actually am holding steady for the next few years because I wanna spend more time with my kids as they grow up. Only you know where you wanna be in five years. Start planning now and you will be there. Don't worry about the lowballers they come and go and will leave when A. it gets hot B. Gas goes up and C when they realize they need insurance and have to start playing by the rules to get real jobs that pay out big bucks.

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    Stick it out on your own! Unless you are tired of the rat race. Good luck.
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  4. cookslandscaping18

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    thanks for the advice i think i will prob end up sticking it out because i might not look like it but i have worked very hard to get where i am at. All my customers love me and would never leave me i was just thinking it was going to be hard to grow any more with so many people but i think i just need to stick it out but still see what the company has to say tom.
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    I was approached by one of the local big companies in 09 to run a crew. just for fun i had to ask how much. he said $9 an hour. just laughed and walked away.
  6. cookslandscaping18

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    if they said 9 and hour i would laugh for sure but i know these guys pretty good i am subcontracted out to them in the winter to do snow removal and i buy all my mulch and plants from them if they offered me that i would be kindy pissed off
  7. ashgrove landscaping

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    Captain of you own ship matey!!
  8. odis

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    Can you do both, hire somebody to work your accounts?
  9. ALC-GregH

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    I don't support direct competition.
  10. cookslandscaping18

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    its not really like that around here he has a bunch of contracts and doesnt need anymore he has been in business for 30 years and does a development that the main road is 9 miles long and that is not including the side roads he is built up really good and respected by all really good he would never take one of my propertys or anything of that nature he has always helped me out when i needed help with anything

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