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  1. JudgeLawns

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    So I've purchased two 60" super Z's. One in 2011 and one in 2012. I absolutely love my mowers but I have been having serious issues with the Kawasaki engine on the first. It has literally been in the shop for 6-7 months and I've owned the mower for less than two years. The vast majority of the time has been between the engine losing compression and or burning oil. The problem I have is they are giving my authorized dealer the run around and making them wait weeks while going through "the chain of command" at Kawasaki. They have replaced the Carb on it at least twice and done at least two full rebuilds on the engine according to my dealer. It sits at the dealer now with compression issues waiting on Kawasaki to authorize him to do something.

    I'm bringing this to Hustlers attention because well. You only offer Kawasaki engine's on the Super Z. It not even like I have a different option. I'd like to say again that I LOVE my super Z. (I'm even currently planning on buying a third in 2013 if we can get this engine problem resolves.) But, it doesn't matter how superior the mower made by Hustler is if it is sold with a lemon engine that Kawasaki refuses to authorize my dealer to either fix or replace.

    I was wondering if Hustler would be willing/ be able to speak with kawasaki and get something taken care so I can use my SuperZ again.


    Sean Judge
  2. rwreuter

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    No reply from Huslter?
  3. hustlermidwest

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    I don't like doing dirty laundry in public. Even if it's not mine. I've reached out to Judgelawns and got his model number and info of where he is getting the unit serviced. I'm doing a background check of the warranty work and have my distributor in Florida getting involved. Once the issue is resolved I'm sure Judgelawns will re-post.

    Brian O
  4. rwreuter

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    Cool, glad to see that you are looking into this. It was always reassuring when PJ would respond to people who had issues.
  5. hustlermidwest

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    Hope you understand about the laundry comment.
    Judgelawn has been notified Kawasaki has engaged with his servicing dealer on his issues.

    Brian O
  6. 7leisher

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    My hydraulic belt started to unweave and wrapped around my hydraulic fan and broke the blades and started to melt the other fan around the screws do you recommend I change the pulleys to? They seem to be fine.
  7. hustlermidwest

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    If it ain't broke don't fix it. Pulley's do wear, they bend, they get acorns and rocks stuck in them. If your pulleys look and feel good I would just slap a new fan on them. At the same time I would look for the reason your belt started to shred. Pulley alinement, something rubbing against the belt. Need to find the reason for the belt issue or you'll be buying more fans.

    Brian O
  8. Sharpcut 1

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    If you're melting pulies you don't have a Super Z, you have a mower with an intergrated pump/wheel motor. If the fins are melted or broke, replace them. This and the oil are the only way to cool the trans. I have NEVER seen a Super Z steel pulley melt. Break the fan or fins, yes, never melt!!

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