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Looking for info on a TTHP


LawnSite Member
Clinton, NJ
I went to an Exmark dealer over the weekend who has a TTHP 48” with the 15hp Kawasaki. They said it was a 2002/2003 leftover. Now, I think it’s good deal but I left with scratching my head. This mower has the pistol grips and doesn’t have a parking brake.

Knowing that it’s lacking the ECS and parking break, I am thinking that this could be a 2001 model. Are there any Exmark folks who can let me know when they still made the pistol grips, but the parking brake was an option?

If this is a 2001 machine, would $4100 (cash) be a good deal? This is in their showroom and it was never used. I know that the 15hp might be underpowered for some of the commercial guys, but I am looking to get this for my personal use, non-commercial.



LawnSite Senior Member
Central Ohio
Sounds decent to me. I would offer 3900 and see if he will come down more. We have a tthp 48 w/17 hp, and it is great. 15 would probably not be noticable for light use.