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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by BISHOP, Dec 3, 2001.


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    Dear Exmark rep.

    I'm looking into purchasing an Exmark 52" belt with a floating deck. Can you give me details on what Exmark offers & suggested prices. I live in Ohio if this alters sug. price
    thank you,

    Bishop of CCL :alien:
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    Thanks for dropping us a note. The parts pricing is fairly consistent through out the continental U.S. We publish a parts price to our dealers and for the most part that is what they charge. We do however allow the dealer some room to adjust pricing based upon varied shipping costs, his cost for the part and other regional factors. If you let me know what model 52" deck you have I should be able to get you the list price and part number you'll need.


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    I think he's looking into a belt drive 52" mower and was looking for more info. i.e. Metro HP.

    (New machine, not belt for that machine.)
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    Thanks, that makes more sense.

    We no longer offer any 52" belt drive models. Currently the only walk behind models with a 52" deck are the Turf Tracer HP, Turf Tracer HP with ECS and Turf Tracer.

    If you want a belt drive the largest available would be a 48" floating deck with a 15hp Kawasaki Metro HP which has a suggested commercial sale price of $3399.

    Please let me know if you have any further suggestions or comments.

    Thank you


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