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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Lazer Man, Mar 10, 2006.

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    We are probably going to pickup a Navigator this spring, what if any changes were made to this years model. Last year I got to demo a prototype model and was greatly impressed. But after saying that I just would like to know if any upgrades were done and also what additional features are now available to this years models. While I've got your ear anything to look for in the future on this model. I'm going to add here that I've been a user of Walker mowers for about 5 years and this mower impressed me enough to give the Navigator a try.

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    Hello Bob,
    There are a couple of small upgrades from the unit you demoed. The front casters are heavier duty and the gas tank fill neck is angled to re-fuel without raising the hopper. The 07 models might have an upgrade or 2, but nothing I can confirm at this time.
    Something to remember is the 0% interest & 36 month financing on the Navigator and Frontrunner.



    Thanks Brian
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    Hello Bob,
    Here is a little more detail on the 2006 upgrades.
    Navigator changes for MY2006:
    1. Cleaned up the hydraulic hose routing under the seat (no performance change, but easier to access the PTO quick connect) 2. Oil drain moved to RH side. Swing out fuel tank for access. Encourages clean-out of engine oil cooler and is adjacent to oil filter to service both filter and drain at once.
    3. Seat switch in seat.
    The heavier front caster forks were done as a running change in early MY ’05. The change to the filler neck on the fuel tank will be a running change, but hasn’t happened yet, will be soon.
    Thanks Brian
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    I know this is an old post, but I wanted to drop some input.

    Up here in the North East, the Walkers are GOD. It's all guys will use . And because new guys see everyone using Walkers, they believe that's all they should buy. Walker makes a great machine, but not without it's flaws, like anything else.

    The Navigators are really starting to catch on. We actually sold a couple more this weekend.

    My customers who are Walker users who have demoed the machines reported back that they cut better, especially in the thicker and wetter grass. Didn't seems to be any better/worse as far as clogging in the wet grass. They also said it seemed to cut up the grass finer and load the bagger more completely. They also love the swing out gas tank to access the motor for service and cleaning out the machine.

    I think the advantage would be the Navigators design that drives the deck and blower unit, the way the grass enters the blower compared to walker, the deeper deck on the Navigator, and the high blade tip speed.

    The Navigators also come standard with the Superior Gear Boxes, which are so far superior, no pun intended, then the Peerless boxes walker uses. Not sure if Walker still offers the Van Ruden boxes, but they should just make them standard equipment.

    A couple guys that bought the Navigators in the fall before cleanups said they had 0 clogging issues like they did with their walkers. Granted, these are brand spanking new and their walkers had some serious hours on them.

    Guys really seem to light the motor and exhaust arrangement (inside the frame), and the 1 piece welded frame.

    The only concerns I get are on the location of the battery on the Naviagator. Seems to be exposed a little. Probably better off then over heating under the seat. Can't be any worse then the oil filter and fuel filters on the Walker EFI's that are exposed for impact.

    Guys also like that they aren't paying shop labor rate to have to removed the motor to change or service the starter, like on the Walkers using the Kohlers.

    As far as the diesel option go, I know Exmark has no immediate plans. All I can say is there is a HUGE landscaper near our dealer that runs approx 10 walkers. He went to all diesels a couple years ago and has gone back to gas. He said the extra cash he spent from damage from overheating because of the wiring issues and fans not turning on, just wasn't worth it. That and the torque from the diesels were eating his gearboxes apart.

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