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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by Bluegrass Lawn Service, Feb 20, 2003.

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    Hopefully someone can help me. I know nothing about compact tractors and am looking into buying a 870 JD with front end loader. This tractor has about 700 hours and seems to be in good shape but has been used. Is there something I should be looking for? is this a good series of JD? I'm wanting it to do landscaping, loading mulch, dirt or whatever. For sure in a commercial environment. The asking price is 10,200
  2. Imow4u2

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    I believe that series was gear drive with a shuttle shift the "55" series compacts were hydro's which may be a little better for the loader. But I would'nt shy away from this tractor by any means. The price is also inline as long as it's in descent shape,700 hrs is nothing to worry about with these tractors..
  3. Jusmowin

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    I work at a horse stable part time and we have one of these great little tractors. Its a 2wd and has no loader, we just haul a manure spreader behind it which gets pretty heavy after cleaning 60 stalls twice a day. Our tractor takes alot of abuse and has about 1500 hours on it as it still runs as good today as the day we brought it home from the dealer. We have Never had any problems with this tractor and is very easy too PM in about 30 minutes. I would HIGHLY RECOMEND a JD 870 as a great little do it all tractor. Just my 2 cents! :D

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