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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by CTLGM, Mar 26, 2002.

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    Looking for some information on the product called Drive. Has anyone used this chemical? If so, what results have you had and what was your mix rate? My company has played around with the idea to use this in certain circumstances, but have not decided if the costs necessarily equal the results. Supposively you can seed, use it as a Pre-M and have some moderate control of broadleaves at the same time, but that sounds too risky for me without talking to someone who has used it. Let me know please! Thanks!
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    Last year, here in CT, Drive75 was the absolute salvation for some of my customers. We had some situations on athletic turf, where results were unbelievable. I was a little sceptical at first too. But since spring seeding is mandatory on most municipal athletic fields, Drive is the only logical choice. Do this:
    Add up the cost of Tupersan, Acclaim, Momentum or Millenium, & a conventional Pre-emerge & the labor involved to make the 2-3 applications all timed correctly. Then imagine seeding with a high grade perennial ryegrass blend & starter fert, waiting for the 2nd or 3rd cut, then spraying all the problems away with one prodcut (plus spreader) at one time. Pretty good results too. Clover goes down faster with Drive than anything else I've seen. The preemergent effect is shortlived, but that can be a good thing when the average High School coach thinks the football stadium can sustain 1.5 events per DAY instead of the accepted standard of 1.5 events per WEEK. Overseeding is a monthly procedure, with disasterous results before Drive to help manage the weed issues.

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