Looking for J-Thomas type in Watertown Ny Area

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by HayBay, Apr 1, 2004.

  1. HayBay

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    Any of you north of Syracuse or close to the Canadian border have a reputable parts dealer. After seeing the prices at J-THomas mabey it would be worth the drive to the USA for parts.

    I looked into delivery and J-Thomas courier wants $150 delivery for a 50lb box worth $300, going to Kingston Ontario.

    Border says no duty on items to Canada as long as they are made in the USA. Duty owed on parts imported to USA then brought to Canada plus there is a canadian GST/PST=15% tax on the already taxed items.

    There are .205-.250 3/4" mower blades going for $9 US and they cost $50 Canadian here.

    Any advice on shipping to canada is welcome.


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    I order from J Thomas all the time. They are the best!! Maybe you could find a member here that is close to you, but in the US and have the parts shipped to him or her, then pick em up. Good luck!!
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    have you looked at Carriere & Poirier (sp?) in Hawksbury? Their a big Exmark dealer halfway between Ottawa and Montreal. I think they carry Deere and some other lines as well. I see their ads in the trader pubs all the time.
    hope it helps!
  4. HayBay

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    from Ontario
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    I will check those ideas out.

    I know there is a Hustler dealer in Carp Ontario which is towards Ottawa from me. Havent been there yet.

    But the prices havent been favourable in Ontario. It seems everyone wants to be a middle man and mark up the product just to watch it go in and out of their shop, at the customers expense.

    I cant see how people can compete with J-Thomas, they have very low prices.

    Any guys in UPPER NY need me to drop off some tasty, High Alcohol content BEER?

    Thanks again.

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