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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by crusty_crab80, Jul 31, 2014.

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    I need a logo designed. I have a pretty good idea what I want, just need someone to put everything together. I know of websites like fiver, where I can get a logo designed for cheap. But someone told me of a website where I can submit what I need and have people (kind of) bid for my work.

    The way it was explained I would offer $100, $150 etc dollars, say what I want and numerous people submit their ideas/designs. Then I pick the one I like best and they get the whole $$$. What is this website??? Or similar???

    Also, does anybody know what this font or text style is called. Its is the "rb" in Ritchi Brothers. I primarily like the way the "r" connects to the "b". Is this a custom design or is there a font like this?

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    whenever guys mention these contest sites I always have to wonder what they would say about the professionalism of a lawn care guy who agreed to be one of 10 guys to cut someone's lawn for free, and the homeowner would only pay the one they liked the best?
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    That is my thought to
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    Highly recommended
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    You are both off. Comparing apples to oranges. I am asking for several graphic artists to come up with one logo. An experienced designer can come up with a basic logo in about 5 min. 10 tops. Sure photoshop is expensive. But the artist still needs to learn the ropes, get experience and build a portfolio. You are welcome to disagree w me on the 5-10 min timefreame. But I have pretty extensive computer building, coding, linux, and customizing experience. I've seen guys photoshop a lot more than a simple logo in minutes. Considering the winner will take home $299-799 for 10 min worth of work. Thats $1800-4800 per hour. You win some you loose some but cant win if you dont play.

    However, a better comparison would be the customer that calls every lawn company in her area and runs them through the ringer for numerous free bids and finally does with some kid from craigslist.
  7. crusty_crab80

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    Yes, this is the one. I've heard good things. Just couldn't remember the name.

    Thank you!!!:drinkup:
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    Freelancer.com you can select your own prize amount. You will get bombarded wit entries for even $20. And for these guys against it:

    1. They make the decision to do this.
    2. Its what they enjoy
    3. Many are from countries where its not like it is here.
    4. Look at it from the customer standpoint and not the seller
    5. Would you rather have 100 entries to choose from or work with one guy who your stuck with?
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    I've had better luck with odesk then elance.

    I don't really recommend those because you don't know the persons capabilities until you hire them. I hired one in the spring for a project and it was a disaster.
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