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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by Rick13, Jan 13, 2014.

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    So here's a quick run down of who's who....when it comes to looking for Compost Tea Sprayers:

    Compostwerks....sells Gregson-Clark Sprayers.....so I talked to GC and getting more info on their sprayer. They use diaphragm pump.

    Turbo Technologies (has their website called CompostTeaSprayers.com) that sells their version of compost tea sprayers. They use centrifugal pump....but oversize their pipes so it won't harm the microorganisms. They also have a remote for their boom-less sprayer. And bypass valve to aerate the tea.

    Green Pro Solutions, are very high priced....great equipment....but I think they are more for large box truck mounted set ups.

    King Sprayers.....I don't know much....but they use aluminum frame for mounting their sprayer and equipment. Looks nice. They use a diaphragm pump.

    GEOTea Sprayers....waiting to get more information. I think they use a diaphragm pump.

    I'm looking for 100 gallon tank. Boom-less with two nozzles for the rear on the Pro Gator. I would like a electric valve switch to be able to turn on and off the boom-less nozzles. I would like to aerate the tea when in the tank...plus I think it would make clean much easier too. And it also needs to have a hose reel too (200 feet).

    I will carry an extra tank inside the enclosed trailer for extra tea (when needed) and 35 gallons of clean water to wash out the tank and hose line.

    Does anyone have any experience with any of these companies or know another good skid spraying company?

    I am trying to decide who to go with. Thanks for any and all info.!!!!!!
  2. phasthound

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    Both Gregson Clark & Green Pro make high quality sprayers, I have no experience with other manufacturers. I have also built my own sprayers that performed well.

    Most teas are diluted & applied at 2-3 g/1000 so 100 gal tank will not go far.
  3. RigglePLC

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    Barry is right. A hundred gallon tank will not last long. Around 33 minutes spraying time.
    I used a centrifugal pump years ago. Inexpensive and capable of about 80 pounds pressure. And one nice thing is that when you used large diameter hoses it was capable of about 50 gallons per minute for agitation. The agitation was amazing--it was like Niagara Falls in your tank. No need for an electric valve; just run the pressure hose up near where your hand can reach it on the Gator, and put your valve there.
    Or...get a pop valve; pull the cord to turn it on--pull again to shut it off. Sorry I don't know the correct name for this--hopefully someone else knows what to call it.
  4. Rick13

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    Here's some info from the quotes I've received so far:

    1. Sprayer Depot in Orlando, FL
    100 gallon skid with 10 gpm diaphragm pump
    Boomless Nozzle
    Electric Boomless Nozzle Switch
    12" Electric Reel with 200' of 3/8 hose

    2. Gregson-Clark in Calendonia, NY
    100 gallon V-Series Skid Sprayer complete with components shown below
    V-100 Skid Sprayer tank & frame w/strainer, suct. and agit. lines installed, powdercoat finish (black)
    5" lift base frame to accomodate bottom drain on V-100
    Electric Start Honda GX270 engine coupled with Udor Zeta 120/GR Diaphragm Pump (30 gpm, 300 dpi)
    Hannay Reel, capacity 400 feet 1/2" ID hose, 12 volt rewind-installed
    1/2" lawn spray hose 600 psi, PVC/PU blend, yellow
    Aluminum trigger with/24" aluminum curved wand, check valve, cap, TK-30 tip
    Air Pump 12 volt 75w 110 1pm (3.88cfm)
    Compost T"ea Diffuser System, up to 200 gallon tank
    Frame mounted adjustable nozzle bracket
    Boominator nozzle
    (2) 144P Solenoid alves plumbed and installed
    Switch console with 1 Master and 2 Aux Switches: Weatherpack connectors for easy installation to a 12volt, 20 amp fuse circuit
    14/3 wire harness with 3 way weatherpack connectors in 30 feet length
    Fast Flush Line for Kappa Series Pumps, includes 25 feet of 1/2" hose with fittings and gun adapter
    Shipping Crate for V-Series Skid Sprayer
    Shipping and Handling

    The Gregson-Clark is a little more than $2000.00 more than Sprayer Depot...but it sounds like an Amazing Spraying System!!!

    I've also got one from Turbo Turf....will post later tonight.
  5. Rick13

    Rick13 LawnSite Senior Member
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    3. Turbo Technologies in Beaver Fall, PA
    CTS-100 gallon compost tea sprayer
    5.5 HP Honda Engine
    Electric Start
    ACE Centrifugal Pump
    Rapid Self Fill
    Oversize Plumbing & Strainer
    Electric Hose Reel with 200' of 3/4" hose
    TeeJet Gun with attachment for foliar feeding
    The Unit will have an electric ball valve that can be wireless opened and closed
    The electric reel will be able to be retracted as well with the hand held remote
    The Gun will attach with a 3/4" quick connect so you can quickly and easily attach any other attachments
    Frame Painted Steel....for extra cost you can get Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and Galvanized Frame
    If you go with one of the options above, the frame, hose reel stand, and straps will be produced with whichever option you like and the boom and hose reel will be powder coated
    We can do a 30' boom. When you open the electric ball valve with your wireless controller, the whole 30' will spray.
    The boom will be powder coated and have hinges with breakaway action, heavy tension, springs and fold for transport.
    There will be 19 FloodJet Nozzles (these are best for not clogging)
    As far as cleaning out the system, there is a 1" drain plug in the back of the tank
    Also the system has an inline filter.

    "Turbo Turf's Compost Tea Sprayers allow more control of the bypass than other units. Experts have mixed opinions about aeration in the tank. Some feel since you aerate Compost Tea when you brew it that aeration in the sprayer tank is good and helps prolong the life of the living matter. Others feel the movement is harmful and aeration should be minimized. Turbo Turf's units allow you full control to have lots of aeration if you want it or far less than other units if you don't." quote from their website.

    If I go with the Aluminum frame and the 30' boom....the price is even with Gregson-Clark.

    Both Sprayers sound good!!! (GC & TT)

    Not sure who to choose???

    I will be talking today with Purple Cow Organics (Middleton, WI) to see what type of sprayers they use.
  6. Rick13

    Rick13 LawnSite Senior Member
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    Very True about the size of 100 gallon tank. But with a 100 gallon tank I should reduce the chances of making any ruts in their yard due carrying less compost tea. I will also have a holding tank to fill up the sprayer...along with 35 gallon fresh tank to wash out the sprayer, hose, and tank when I'm done.
  7. phasthound

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    If you are applying to residential yards, I don't see the need to drive the equipment on their lawns. A 300' hose is long enough for most residential sites and is easy enough to drag.
  8. phasthound

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    IMO, aeration in the spray tank is not necessary. Just sloshing around while driving & recirculating while spraying will provide enough oxygen for the microbes. Less equipment to clean.
  9. Rick13

    Rick13 LawnSite Senior Member
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    I'm going to do both....small residential yards (park the Pro Gator in driveway and hose/reel spraying)

    But I've had a lot of interest in acre plus yards and maybe some sport fields. So the boom or boom-less set up would work best....with a spray gun to cut the small areas.
  10. phasthound

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    Sounds good.

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