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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by Rick13, Jan 13, 2014.

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    So as My Search for Compost Tea Spraying Setup....I had called Purple Cow Organics in Middleton, WI. I've talk to Steve Stumbras from Purple Cow Organics (he also has a few golf courses that with Bob Posthuma (GEOTea) have gone to organic care. They are also helping universities, hospitals, sport fields, etc....make the jump into organic care. Here's a link of one of their stories on CNN.com:


    And Steve said that they went with Contree Sprayer & Equipment Company in Beaver Dam, WI. So I will give them a call tomorrow and see what they think.

    But Purple Cow Organics is one of the major leaders in the Midwest with their approach to organics....so I'm excited that they are will to help me out!!!!
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    Pardon me for disagreeing with you; I think Barry is right. A pickup unit would serve your needs very nicely. 300 feet of hose would be able to service almost all of your accounts. You should be able to do most football and baseball fields, by simply moving the truck along the sidelines...once or maybe twice is usually enough. If the solution is clear or almost so--if your filter seldom plugs up--I don't see the need to clean out the tank and hoses. At least you should be able to postpone that until you get back to your garage.

    I am not sure what the organics suppliers recommend, but if you ever need to use conventional fertilizers or bridge products--perhaps it would be possible to use the same equipment--for compost tea, if it were thoroughly cleaned between operations. Organic one week...bridge products the next week.
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    The comradery in the organics industry is very strong. Most are always willing to help other companies.

    Bob Posthuma is a great guy!
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    Thanks for your reply's.

    Talked with Contree Spray & Equipment....and after our talk....it will be 100 to 150 gallon tank spraying 3 -4 gallons per 1000 sq. feet at 4-5 mph. I will have three boomless nozzles (left, center, right) which I will be able to control 1, 2, or all 3 on at once. I'll have two hoses....a short 25 to 50 foot hose for small spot spraying and open another ball valve to turn on the 200 foot hose reel. This way I won't have to always clean out 200 feet of hose after each use. After talking to them, I can see why Bob Posthuma (GEO Tea) uses them....they really know what they are talking about.

    I won't spray anything but tea or extracts out of this sprayer. I might make a 15 to 25 gallon sprayer (mainly for spot spraying) on My ExMark Riding Aerator. Just one or two boomless nozzles and 15 feet of hose with gun for spot spraying. I've been toying around with this for awhile.

    I don't do many weed spraying apps....and not looking to get into it. But to have a dual machine that could aerate and spot spray....would be really nice....since the ExMark rides and handles great!!!!

    Plus the ExMark has a 2 inch hitch in the front to use as a starting point so you can attach to the two sides and should make a strong foundation base for the sprayer.

    Riding Aerator Spray Tank Boomless Nozzles 1.jpg

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