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    I have exchanged e-mails with Lindsay Padilla from Site Master. They are looking for companies in specific areas to perform specific work.

    Here is the information I have been given. If any of these areas pertain to you or are of interest to you, please email Lindsay Padilla at lpadilla@sitemaster.com that you saw this on LawnSite and she will fill you in.

    Here's what I need right now....I will have additional markets later....

    In each area, I need bids to weed-eat landscaping and mow up to 5' past the landscaping around the perimeter of the cell phone tower 4 times/ year. The grass does not get overly long, because in addition to this, we have site managers at each of these sites that maintain the weed control on a monthly basis. There is no need for a bush hog or anything like that.

    I would like to be emailed by anyone interested and then I can send a detailed bid sheet along with the list of sites and the addresses.

    Baltimore, MD market - 43 sites
    Minneapolis/St. Paul Market - 19 sites
    New Jersey (West Orange is most centrally located town) - 9 sites
    Denver - 13 sites
    Cincinnati - 16 sites
    New York (Some in PA, NJ) - 23 Sites
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