Looking for opinions/experience between 24hp Vanguard and 25hp Briggs Turf Series Commercial


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I did google before posting and I read on a thread awhile back that the Turf Series did have issues and they seemed to be ironed out, but I was curious if that still holds true. The Vanguard is an extra $400 and I'm trying to decide, as just a homeowner, if that cost would be justified. Are there any people here who have firsthand experience with these engines or mechanics on this site with experience? I really appreciate any help/advice.


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No first hand experience with either of those specific engines. But I do have experience with vanguard. FWIW... If in your shoes, I would not hesitate to go with the vanguard. It has been a solid line for B&S.


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See video you tube video on Commercial Turf Series. It lays out the Commercial Turf Series technology... I have a 25hp and it is rock solid. Early ones from what I found had issues but that was 2015 time frame. These motors compete with Kohler 7000 and there's oodles of them in commercial mowers. For residential you cant go wrong with the Briggs. I was told that Toro OEMs their motors thru Briggs. Not confirmed but that was from a dealer. Vanguard would be overkill imho.