Looking for Part time employee in Harrison Twp. Michigan

Discussion in 'Employment' started by Watson's Landscaping, Jul 20, 2009.

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    Well my current help that finished up his last year at MSU has found a job in his field and will be leaving me this comming week. Hes been with me for three summers now and I hate to see him go but I'm glad that he will be able to go out and do what he went to school for.

    So here it is guys I work full time at Mac Ray Harbor and dont start cutting till about 4:30pm and work till about 7:30/8:00pm monday thru thursday sometime's friday.. If any one can work those hours and can trim, edge, and blow please P.M. so week can talk. help will be needed till November and maybe next year full time as i'm hoping to leave mac ray in the spring

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