Looking for partner in Southern NJ, More than just Lawn care!

Discussion in 'Employment' started by Shane Scaife, Apr 13, 2005.

  1. Shane Scaife

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    Hello all. This could be a great deal for the right person. I think this is allowed to be posted in this area.

    I'm looking to start a small maintenance business. I would like to include Carpet Cleaning, Janitorial, and Lawn Care. But to tell you the truth, I work my butt off and do great jobs (Whatever I'm doing) but I stink as a businessman.

    I have all that is needed for the Carpet Cleaning business (Van, truck mounted cleaning equipment and so on), I have cleaned carpets off and on for 10 years, for other people, so I know how so do jobs right. The van is old but looks ok and runs. I'm sure it will need a little work to get through inspection in a few months and it has no lettering.

    As for Lawn Care I have a small trailer, 36" Scag, 22" Push, Trimmer, Edger, and odds and ends.

    I also have odds and ends for Janitorial.

    I have 10,000 lawn care flyers I'm still handing out and will be printing flyers for the Carpet Cleaning.

    I work full time as a custodian at a local school. My school hr's are 3-11pm on weekdays while school is in and 7am-3pm while school is out. I'm off weekends.

    I'm 35 years old and married, I have four children, all under 8, I rent an apartment and have one car payment, so I need to clear $26,000 a yr. plus insurance before I will leave my full time job.

    I am a Christian and would like to run the business as legit as is right.

    I am looking for someone who likes to work and who is able to help run the business end of things. I’m registered Sole proprietor but would have no problem changing it for the right person. The name as now is R-n-S Service Systems, but again that can change as well.

    I’m not looking for someone to bring in money, though that would sure help get things off the ground faster. I’m looking for someone to help run a business I don’t want to run alone. Age and gender does not matter as long as you can do the job. We can both make extra money and hopefully, someday, run a successful business.

    Ok I posted as mush information in as small of a post as I could for this, so, if you or someone you know would be interested please post or email me. Then we could get together and talk.

    Shane Scaife
  2. Creative Lawn Care

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    If you can support yourself, a wife and four kids on $26,000 a year then I think you must be a great business man!! Takes me twice that much and I only have 3 kids and no car payments LOL
  3. Shane Scaife

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    still looking
  4. landcare pa

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