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I have an older Landscapes, Bluebird V190Z peco style grass catcher. The box is extremely heavy that attaches to the back of the mower. I am looking for the motor mount assembly that the motor and impeller attaches to, so it can be slid into the tubing that is attached to the rear of the mower.

Peco uses 2 1/4 inch tubing for their assemblies, and the bluebird appears to use 2 inch tubing. I have a Peco DFS 12, and it works great. I have researched numerous websites, and have had no luck in finding parts for the Bluebird catcher. The way it sits now, it's just scrap metal. I'm hoping that someone out there can help me find the parts I need to make this bluebird a complete workable unit. It's in great shape, and I hate to just scrap it


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