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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by Zohan, Jul 14, 2012.

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    I get what you are saying. Thanks.
    I also have been a contractor for a long time, 20 years. Not once have i had a client mad at me or say anythng negative, as long as i have made them understand all the negative potential beforehand, in a situation like this. Not to say this will never happen, because i cant predict the future, just as i cant say this WILL happen as you are saying because again, i cant predict the future. What i can do is get the point across to the client and have everything in contract to cover my ass, do a quality job and have a happy client. I am in no way concerned or ready to run from this project. Thats my opinion, but i respect yours as well, thanks.....
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    Zohan, I agree with what the others here have stated. The edge or "run way" light look is not favorable. However, I have come across situations where they were necessary and served the purpose well. Case in point; I have a client from an install 4 years ago. He was sick and tired of all his drunk friends leaving his house and driving off the driveway and running all over his grass. There were no flower beds next to this driveway and we needed a solution to mark out the edges of the driveway so his guests could see the edges, that even in their drunken state, they could still negotiate their way out without putting track marks in his grass. The solution was about 30 evening star lights that we core drilled into the edges of the driveway. The homeowner agreed that the runway look was not going to be good, so I proposed putting the driveway marker lights on a motion sensor. There are two motion sensors, one at the entryway of the driveway and one pointing at his garage doors. I used the ABT motion sensors and they only stay on 5 minutes once activated, (just long enough to get everyone out of the driveway and then they shut off). They have been durable and I have yet to replace a lamp in any of them. It was a good solution to this unique problem. Now on the edge of a patio- well, probably not a great look but I understand needed to close work. Do what you have to and move on.
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    Thanks tim. Good idea with the motion sensor. The difference in my situation is the client actually wants those fixtures. He has a patio in back and there is now way to put any other type of fixture as the patio is also a retaining wall that drops off the whole rear side of patio. The way the guy is doing things is kinda ass backwards, and the paver lights fight right in with his motif.
    I have never core drilled a paving stone, so i have some questions.
    1. Is it difficult, and what bit do i need and what king of drill can it be used in?
    2. When the paving stone is to be layed on a base of concrete where do you run the wire?
    3. Any other tips?

  4. AztlanLC

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    I have a dozen or so of those lights I can sell to you tey are brand new neer installed, half te price
  5. Zohan

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    I think this project is done, client is not responding to my emails at this point
  6. S&MLL

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    I'm not Tim but I can give you some tips. Ant/evening star uses a targa core setup... Not my favorite without a stand it gets tiring leaning over. I use a dd130 hilti on a rig. With water I can do a paver in about 45seconds. Once we drill our cores we lift up the line of pagers.use a demo saw and cut a groove for 12-2 wire to sitin. Put pacers back down and call a day. We also have a vacuum tool that lifts up the pavers.... Best 250 I ever spent IMHO. Like I said earlier I don't install "paver" lights. But we put a boat load of cm390s a year core drilled in
  7. S&MLL

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    If you check my Facebook page I think a have a whole album with install pics
  8. Zohan

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    Thanks, but.....What?????
  9. Zohan

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    So this is what you use?

    1. the pavers do not crack when drilling?
    2. what connector do you use from light pigtail to the 12/2?
    3. can you link me to the bit you use...i use a hitachi spline drill

    cant find facebook page, send a link, thx
  10. S&MLL

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    I dont recommended a hammer drill for coring. Yes they sell the bits but the hammer function will be off anyway.

    I use hilti ddb core bits.
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