Looking for pics of a great leaf vac setup

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Strongmd, Sep 6, 2001.

  1. Strongmd

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    Does anyone have any pics of a great leaf vac setup? I'm thinking of doing mine over this year. I've got two mowing crews with f-350 pickups. When they do their cleanups, they leave all of their leaves and grass in a pile and my Dodge w/an 8yd grain body comes around and sucks everything up. Last year I built a wooden box for on top of the 8yd grain body, and had a shelp welded to one of the doors for a 13hp vac. This setup sucked. One reason was that there's a cross bar above the back doors which would jam the whole load of leaves whenever we dumped. Also, having the vac on one of the swing out doors was not the best setup, very stressful on the hinges. This year I'm thinking of having a 2.5' high aluminum top fabricated which will fasten to my grain body. My capacity will then be about 13 yds. Then I was going to have my leaf vac attached to my plow hookup? I've seen this done once before. This setup sounds good to me because I'll be able to pull right up to piles (w/my lights on if needed), and also because I can dump w/o taking off the leaf vac (it's also nice because I don't have to carry a trailer around). So...in summary. I'm looking for some good ideas and pictures. Anyone mounted their vac on the front before? Good/bad?
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    Try the search feature because there was a thread about the leaf vacs being mounted on the plow frames.
  3. CT18fireman

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    Mine hangs off the front of the truck on the Fisher Minute Mount Frame. Pipe goes up over cab into the Box. This setup works well cause you can drive into the pile. It also means dumping can be done easily without the vac getting in the way.
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    Front load is the only way!!!! I have my loader mounted on dolly and just roll it to the front of the truck. Got a new Mitshi this year with a 10' dump and am in the process of making a 2' high dom above the sides for extra capacity. Also considering making a mount on my plow frame for the loader. One less object on the trailer and a few minutes saved because the loader will always be in position and ready,just have to slide the stove pipe in the hole and onto the loader. The heavier debre goes to the back of the truck body so there should be fewer hang-ups when dumping. Be sure to have a large vent area in the truck box to accomadate more air to excape than the loader is blowing in when filling.

  5. My way is a little different, but same consept. Mounted 8' stakesides on 16' flat bed and put a mesh tarp on top. We do not have any problems dumping and getting the load stuck on the cross bar in the back. I will look for pic and post it.

  6. CT18fireman

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    I use wire mesh for half of the roof. Seems to work great for a vent.
  7. Pic of leaf vac truck

    Here's a pic of leaf vac truck. It's a IHC 4900 w/ giant vac loader

  8. paul

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    Here's a better shot of LGF's truck

  9. Thanx Paul for posting for me. That's me on the left. This truck can hold aprox. 37+ yrds of leaves.


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