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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by BostonBull, Mar 21, 2009.

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    I have 2 small project that I am trying to get done. For these two projects I am looking to see what others have done. if anyone has any pictures that may help me it would be greatly appreciated!!!!

    The first project is the smallest, and the one I am totally lost on! I just built a custome picket fence using beautiful custom sawn Larch and Hemlock. In the fron section of fence, facing the street I have a large gate. this gate will lead from my lawn area, into my perennial garden/mulch bed. This gate is on a slope which makes things even trickier. The gate opening is 54" wide. The terrain height difference in this small opening is close to 10"! I know I will have to dig one side down, to make it level with the other, and wll most likely have to have a "retainer" of sorts on that side. I envisioned a stone pathway of sorts, bordered by wood or cobblestones, with a small granite step up into my lawn. I can't quite nail this vision though, and would love to see others ideas and completed projects that are similar to this situation.

    The second project involves a small 10x10 "patio" area from my deck. currently I have my deck that steps down onto my lawn via a good sized slab of granite. I want to install one wooden step, dig the granite down a little lower, and move it out into the yard by 10-12" more. That's easy. what I need pictures of is the patio area. what I want to do is lay some stone, maybe New England Stepping stones, in my lawn in such a way that I can mow over them, and allow grass to grow between them. I can't finnd any good pictures of this online, although I know I have seen it down plenty of times before.

    Any and all help is GREATLY appreciated!!! if it is easier you can PM me as well.

    ill post pictures of the two areas tomorrow at some point.

    Thanks in advance!

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