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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by yellowfin85, Jan 20, 2014.

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    New to the site, new to landscaping..Bought a house last June and trying to get a handle on everything. Put out a dimension product in September for my winter weed control which did okay, still have quiet a few weeds coming up. I am looking to put my spring Pre emergent down here in late February (middle GA). I am wanting to get Lesco barricade but dont think I can purchase it from the local john deere landscapes bc i don't have a business account. Does anyone else here suggest a good pre emerg like barricade and some actual products with prodiamine in it I could use? Thanks for any help and advice. I have mostly st Augustine and centipede. I think using a granular in my one acre lot is the easiest for me.
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    Gallery would be a better choice for a pre-em on centipede. It is a liquid based product but less detrimental on the stolon and root growth. Are you familiar with how a pre-em works? Also, buying from John Deere to my knowledge does not require an account unless you are a pro--then they offer some discounts.
    Good luck on the turf. Wait until after you've mowed it two/three times before applying your fertilize. Read up on fertilizing centipede turf through the search button.
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    I have not used a pre emergent liquid on my lawn, just because of the fact of it being a larger yard and I have a family members pull along spreader for my garden tractor. So its easier for me to spread than spray. I did look into john deere and they have 50lbs of Lesco Stonewall for 24 bucks, which is alot cheaper than Gallery.

    Can you please explain what you mean by detrimental to the stolon and root growth using a pre emerg?

    And a pre emergent prevents the seeds from weeds and other plants from germinating.
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    He was suggesting a liquid over granular because most of us on here will agree that liquid pre-emerge does a better job at preventing weeds than a granular pre. You can purchase a pull behind sprayer for lawn mower for about $250.00

    Your grasses spread and grow with stolons. Stolons run across the top of the ground and root down into the ground. With a pre like Barricade, the stolons try to root but can not because of the "barricade".

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    I've never encountered a lesco that asked if I had a business lic. I've actually never encountered any chemical company that asks. Lesco's version of barricade is stonewall. They have it in bags. In the fall use barricade and the spring, since you are going single app I assume, use Dimension.
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    The stonewall has finally went to 5 pound jugs!! The bags were the only reason I wouldn't buy the stuff.
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