Looking for Quality Supervisors for Lawn Care/Mowing company - SALARIED POSITION!!!

Discussion in 'Employment' started by RegalLawnCare.Com, Sep 22, 2007.

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    What I'm looking for long-term is somebody who can run a crew of 2-3 guys, with driving responsibilities. Most of our work is lawn mowing and lawn care...In the Fall, we do a lot of Leaf work through the end of December. In late december and through the winter, we do some snow work, along with the occasional yard cleanup. I can't gurantee full time work this winter. In the Spring there could be Mulching & Spring Cleanup work.

    In March, I am interested in hiring somebody full-time as a salaried employee. The salary would probably be 27K + overtime pay (600 p/week for five days per/week for 40 weeks, during the winter the salary would be $300 per/week for 20-25 hours per/week, and hourly at around $15 per/hour for any hours after that, but I would gurantee the $300 no matter how much work we have, even if it was just passing out flyers if we didn't have work (this is my first year offering snow work, so I'm not sure how much business we're going to have yet).

    I do have work now (9/21/7) as well.

    Contact Andy if interested
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    Andy , Bobby here I emailed you back. I like what I hear. Lets talk and see what we can come up with
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    Bobby -- That means you would be moving from Louisiana to Virginia ... did you notice that ??
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    hay lifetree yes I know were he is located its not the first time andy and I have talked

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